AGRONOMOF - LED grow lighting system high quality

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Quick Details
Grow light hydroponic plant, led grow light bar for hydroponics
Light Source:
LED Grow light hydroponic plant
Input Voltage(V)::
Certification diode::
Spectrum of light nm:
410, 440, 450, 525, 625, 660, 735 nm
Emitting Color::
blue, green, near red, far red, burgundy
Glass optical lens:
Diameter 50-120 mm
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100000 Tray/Trays per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Production, packaging and delivery are discussed separately
Lead Time :
30-60 day
Product details

AGRONOMOF - LED grow system for Hydroponic module systems

InnovativeLED system with radiator. Chip LED produced by China. It has 5 spectra of 440, 535, 625, 660, 735 nm. Each spectrum can be controlled separately, which allows you to customize the lamp as you need at all stages of growth of the plant.

The power of the lamp is 36 watts (light energy). At a distance of 300mm from the luminaires produces 187 micromolar. The consumption of electricity is 24 volts 350 milliampere.

Radiator aluminum alloy, needle-shaped aerodynamic shape, with a special coating. Perfectly removes the temperature from the chip. If necessary, you can put a fan to cool. Ideally built into the bottom of the module.

Modular technology, which gives an advantage?

The module is simultaneously a place for growing a plant, a storage tank and a housing for an LED lamp. So you build your own farm on the same details. 

AGRONOMOF develops LED lamp with multichannel spectrum

Using diodes from different manufacturers, we conducted a number of global studies in 2015-2017 and came to a conclusion. How does most LED lamps work? Everyone knows that photosynthesis in plants is interconnected with the 2 main spectra of 450 nm and 660 nm. The main proportion of blue to red is 1: 3. These are the fundamental spectra of photosynthesis.These spectra coincide with the absorption peak of chlorophyll A and B. 

This version of the light flux does not work

After many cycles of growing plants, we came to the conclusion that using only the spectrum of 450 and 660 nm in different configurations is not capable of growing full-fledged plants. This option is possible for use in growing a micro-plant and only green 


This option is possible for use in the cultivation of microgreens and salads, almost all types. To grow microlenses it is necessary to reach 80-100 micromolar and for salads 160-180 micromolar

A great all-in-one solution for your farm

After 2 years of research and conducting hundreds of experiments and cycles with more than 100 plants, we came to the following conclusion. If you use the 450, 625, 660 and 735 nm configuration, you get a more versatile light system and can grow salads, strawberries and plants of different colors: green, yellow, red and purple.

AGRONOMOF develops LED lamp with multichannel spectrum, a new technological level

What in the future and what are we working on now? 

The inclusion of different spectra leads to better results, but many companies manufacturing LED lamps offer single-channel systems. They can reduce or increase the capacity on the 1 channel, but can not only include blue or only the skeleton, and each channel can be individually processed. For such control it is necessary to have a multi-channel connection system. This option allows you to control the oamp at all stages of plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Thus, programming modes of the lamp by means of automation of processions and creation of promising techniques for various plant varieties. Photosynthesis and the plot of each plant is completely different. As there are no identical people, there are no identical plants in nature. For each variety of plants, it is necessary to create a personal program, understanding such processes as nutrition of the dispersions at different stages, and the modes of operation of the lamp. 

5 control channels. It saves up to 50% of electricity from the latest developments in China, the US and Europe.

SThis board configuration has a series of LEDs of the CRI 5 spectra - 450, 535, 625, 660, 735 nm. Each channel can be controlled separately, which allows you to include the spectra of light according to the desired program. You can adjust the inclusion and exclusion of spectra, increase or decrease the power, achieving the desired intensity in micromoles. 

OEM production

We are interested in sales of our products. Our module is an innovative system that allows you to build vertical farms of different configurations. Know your tasks, we can create for you a product that is ahead of your time and allows you to earn on our technologies.  We are interested in cooperative business in your country and in your city. We are exports in the field of photosynthesis and the production of branded products in China. Using profitable production prices in China, we have a number of high-tech forms, for the manufacture of a module, a radiator and other parts.

Home Cabinets-Farms

Home-cabinet farms are now very popular. Many companies, such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Google, e-suite represent the projects. With the help of the module you can create your own cabinet, the module is a high-tech part of the farm. For this class of equipment, we made a module with SOFT TOUCH coating, pleasant to the touch, easy to wash and durable. This is a very elegant thing that will appeal to your customers.

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