radiator for hydroponics farm, cooling system

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Quick Details
Special Radiator
303 grams
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
300000 Tray/Trays per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
300 grams - 1 pcs weight
Lead Time :
10-20 day
Product Description

Radiator led of special shape for AGRONOMOF Hydroponics system

The radiator has aerodynamic round pillars, which allows it to cool faster than a conventional radiator. The weight of the radiator is 303 grams and is specially designed for growing plants in the module. He practically does not get warm if you grow salads.

For strawberries, you need a more powerful LED chip, but our experiments showed that you can not put a ventilator for cooling. The radiator has a special coating, which increases by 4% the heat transfer from the LED chip


The radiator is made of high-quality aluminum by molding into a mold and further processing on a milling machine. Next, you rotate the almininated part with a special twist to increase the heat output. Compact and working part checked by our laboratory in work more than 1 year.

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Our Company

Hydroponic systems reach a new technological level.

AGRONOMOF offers a supply from China, a module developed by us. The module for hydroponic agrofarms is a patented working model developed by the design office of the Agronomo LLC.
The module is designed for growing low-growing plants up to 35-40 cm. - salads, herbs and spices, strawberries, peppers and dwarf tomatoes. It can be used in greenhouse agrocomplexes for the construction of urban vertical farms, for the production of farms in residential complexes, houses of a cottage community, kitchens for restaurants or apartments in built-in cabinets.
We have developed a large number of techniques of various series, where the module is used - the basic basic part. We have different design solutions for racks, but you yourself can decide how to build and sell a module or a technique based on it, applying it in your technological solutions. We are looking for worldwide distributors, and each of you can start a business with us in your country right now. With the help of the module it is possible to equip professional agrocomplexes and grow plants under sunlight, it is possible to build both closed city farms, equip scientific laboratories, design cabinets using artificial LED lighting. 

Greenhouse complexes 

Use for the organization in the greenhouse complex Hydroponic module, for the cultivation of various plants with the help of the salt refreshment. In this version, you can not use the LED lamp. This variant of application of the hydroponic module will save you from a large number of consumables, such as mineral wool and a system of additional drip irrigation.

Vertical city farms

Technologies of progressive plant cultivation include vertical (multilevel) plant cultivation by hydroponics method, in climatically and photosynthetically independent environment (closed light culture). Modules can be located in 12-20 tiers in height, which will allow growing plants in larger quantities, using a more compact variant of accommodation, which will allow placing the farm in the city or in the city.

Farms in apartment houses

We offer the developer a mutually beneficial cooperation, as a result of which your construction company will receive priority over similar offers. The farm can be installed on 5-8% of the area of ​​the residential building (for example, on the 1st floor). In this option, the cost of the farm can be included in the cost of utilities, depending on the amount of vegetables, greens and salads consumed. The developer pays for the cost of the farm, its installation and start-up. The cost of maintaining the farm's maintenance staff (agronomists, technical staff), electricity costs and consumables are paid by the residents of the house.

Home Cabinets-Farms

Home-cabinet farms are now very popular. Many companies, such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Google, e-suite represent the projects. With the help of the module you can create your own cabinet, the module is a high-tech part of the farm. For this class of equipment, we made a module with SOFT TOUCH coating, pleasant to the touch, easy to wash and durable. This is a very elegant thing that will appeal to your customers.