Smart Grow LED 2018 FY full spectrum 300w 600w indoor plant led grow light

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Quick Details
Agricultural Hydroponics
Light Source:
LED Grow light hydroponic plant HIT 2018
800*230*170 mm
Power electrical, Watt:
600 wat
Power optical, Watt:
288 watt
Input Voltage(V)::
110/24V 220/24V 8 multi-channel control
Spectrum of light (nm):
440, 525, 625, 660, 735 nm
Certification diode CREE::
Glass optical lens:
Diameter 100 mm
Control system power:
Mac OS Tablet and iPhone
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Tray/Trays per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Production, packaging and delivery are discussed separately
St. Petersburg
Lead Time :
90 day
Video Description
Product details

AGRONOMOF - LED grow system 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 W...1-10 MW Vertical in-doors farm

Innovative systems of analogues of which in the World does not exist

LED SMART lamp is a simple and reliable in use device, connected to Blockchain AGRONOMOF SERVER, created by our company to manage equipment and farms all over the world. Through a special application in the tablet, you can customize the lamp for your tasks. At the moment, you can choose 76 ready-made techniques for growing different plants with heights of up to 40 cm and up to 2 meters. This is an innovative technology that we developed over 3 years, in 2 years almost all possible techniques will be available in this application, and this is more than 1000 methods of controlling lamps, pumps, air conditioning and CO2 supply. 

The LED lamp is made in a waterproof version and works perfectly at a humidity of 60-80%. This lamp can be refined for your tasks ^ length of the lamp, the number of LED boards at a certain distance, the location of the LEDs, their proportions on each board, the angle of the lens for accurate distribution of the light flux, the cable connector, all these details can be discussed and created for you.
In the presented version the lamp has 3 LED boards, each board consumes 200 watts and produces up to 96 watts of light power, low voltage voltage is used up to 24 volts. Each LED board includes CREE LEDs created by the manufacturer specifically for growing plants. We studied all the LEDs, their technical characteristics and conducted a number of experiments for 1 year. We are the only company in the world for whom the manufacturer CREE has created this fee. As you can see, the LED rulers on the board are arranged in a circle, very compact among themselves, which allows you to mix better the light fluxes of different wavelengths very qualitatively.

In one board - 8 LED rulers, each of which can be controlled separately through the application. Thus, you can include as you need any spectra separately, which is very interesting for plants and does not overstress them, allows to strengthen the growth of roots very qualitatively, to strengthen when photosynthesis of chlorophyll A or B is necessary, to switch off or reduce spectra that you do not use for cultivation plants. As well as significantly saves electricity, it is almost 3-5 times more efficient than any other uncontrolled LED lamp of the latest generation.

The lamp body is an aluminum radiator housing, anodized in black, which is better for heat release. It protects the radiator from corrosion in a damp and aggressive environment.

Three LED boards with SM16B-SHLS-T FAZ connector are attached to the lamp body to which a 300mm cable is connected to connect the power supply of 8 LED rulers. Each board is tightly closed with a high-quality glass lens on a rubber base, which protects the board from water ingress into the interior. The lamp on the back side has an SD28TP-ZM power connector, which feeds all 3 cards.

The lamp has a built-in fan on top to remove excess heat from the overheating of the LED board, so the temperature on the board does not rise above 40-65 degrees Celsius, which guarantees the correct operation of the board within 50,000 hours (manufacturer's warranty) in any lamp operation mode.

Also on top of the lamp there are two attachments, which can be moved and with the help of an adjustment system to align the lamp at the right angle.

We can develop a controlled system that allows using an electric drive to raise the lamp above or below the plant, using an ultrasonic sensor. The higher the plant, the higher the lamp will be located and this is the automated control process of the drive, which winds the metal cable on the winch. The function is optional and is developed for the customer's task. This function can significantly reduce the cost of production, by saving energy consumed by the lamp. 

Each board has a series of LED rulers, of different wavelengths. You can enable or disable each line of LEDs and control them individually, increasing or decreasing power, from 0 to 100% power. This LED board has built-in LED lines of the following wavelengths 440-455nm (Photo Blue - 26.22%), 520-535nm (Green - 8.16%), 620-630nm (Middle Red - 10.44%), 650- 670 nm (Photo Red - 36.55%), 720-740 (Far Red - 6.42%).

Register the lamp on the manufacturer's website, download the application to your apostore on the OS platform. Download the application, turn on the lamp and you will see your lamp in the application. Select the lamp distance from the floor and your lamp is ready for use. You can choose ready-made programs for growing 76 plants. Download the desired program for growing the plant, select the time the lamp is switched on (day or night) and turn on the program. The lamp will operate in automatic mode. Also, you can choose your lamp mode and set it up as you need and remember it when you need it.

AGRONOMOF develops LED lamp with multichannel spectrum

Using diodes from different manufacturers, we conducted a number of global studies in 2015-2017 and came to a conclusion. How does most LED lamps work? Everyone knows that photosynthesis in plants is interconnected with the 2 main spectra of 450 nm and 660 nm. The main proportion of blue to red is 1:3 and 1:4. These are the fundamental spectra of photosynthesis.These spectra coincide with the absorption peak of chlorophyll A and B. 

This version of the light flux does not work

After many cycles of growing plants, we came to the conclusion that using only the spectrum of 450 and 660 nm in different configurations is not capable of growing full-fledged plants. This option is possible for use in growing a micro-plant and only green 


This option is possible for use in the cultivation of microgreens and salads, almost all types. To grow microgreens it is necessary to reach 80-100 micromolar and for salads 160-180 micromolar, Strawberry 230-280 micromolar,, Tall plants - 300-500 micromolar. 

A great all-in-one solution for your farm

After 2 years of research and conducting hundreds of experiments and cycles with more than 76 plants, we came to the following conclusion. If you use the 450, 625, 660 and 735 nm configuration, you get a more versatile light system and can grow salads, strawberries and plants of different colors: green, yellow, red and purple.

AGRONOMOF develops LED lamp with multichannel spectrum, a new technological level

What in the future and what are we working on now? 

The inclusion of different spectra leads to better results, but many companies manufacturing LED lamps offer single-channel systems. They can reduce or increase the capacity on the 1 channel, but can not only include blue or only the skeleton, and each channel can be individually processed. For such control it is necessary to have a multi-channel connection system. This option allows you to control the oamp at all stages of plant growth, flowering and fruiting. Thus, programming modes of the lamp by means of automation of processions and creation of promising techniques for various plant varieties. Photosynthesis and the plot of each plant is completely different. As there are no identical people, there are no identical plants in nature. For each variety of plants, it is necessary to create a personal program, understanding such processes as nutrition of the dispersions at different stages, and the modes of operation of the lamp. 

8 control channels. It saves up to 50% of electricity from the latest developments in China, the US and Europe.

SThis board configuration has a series of LEDs of the CREE 5 spectra - 450, 535, 625, 660, 735 nm. Each channel can be controlled separately, which allows you to include the spectra of light according to the desired program. You can adjust the inclusion and exclusion of spectra, increase or decrease the power, achieving the desired intensity in micromoles. 

OEM production

AGRONOMOF is a manufacturer of innovative equipment and software for farm automation. We work only with large partners in different countries, so we are interested in developing our distribution network in developed countries and do not sell our products individually. You see only a part of our developments, the main developments will be presented to major investors and partners. We are an active member of the Association of Vertical Farmers in the US and we have reviews from well-known scientists and experts around the world. We are interested in opening assembly plants in the USA, Canada, EU, India, UAE, Australia.
In 2018 AGRONOMOF launches ICO and plans to raise $ 20 million for its innovative developments. You have the opportunity to work with a company that can change this world for the better and create cities of the future today


The power supply can be either a single lamp or a group of lamps. The power unit is designed and manufactured for your lamp. In this version, the power supply is combined with the control board and a WI-Fi module and a processor that works with the application autonomously and communicates with our server with the help of the Internet if you need to update the information and store your information on the server. All information is protected by the SHA-256 encryption protocol and is confidential (can not be transferred to the 3rd party under any circumstances). The manufacturer guarantees the correct operation of the control system for many years and this service is free of charge and is available to our consumers and your customers. Want to create automatic control of the pump, fan - this is also possible. These technologies, this is the main direction of development of our company, a system capable of improving with the help of electronic control based on innovative algorithms by conventional systems and mechanisms. We can make your equipment smart and more efficient.

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